What are Lifestyle Models

Modeling Categories

There are 3 major categories within the modeling industry : Glamour, Fashion and Lifestyle.

Glamour and Fashion modeling are characterized by their own particular styles and requirements. Glamour models for example often appear in calendars or so called 'Lads Mags'. By contrast, fashion models are primarily found on the catwalks of the world. Due to the extreme physical requirements of fashion modeling ( height, age etc) it is very specialized.

Lifestyle Models

Unlike the other 2 modeling categories, lifestyle modeling does not have these extreme requirements. Lifestyle models come in all shapes, sizes and ages. They are used by advertisers and event managers to depict a lifestyle with which these advertisers or event managers wish to associate their product or event. For example, a drinks manufacturer may want an attractive girl sipping their drink on a beach, thereby associating their product with images of summer. Lifestyle models are models who look like the rest of us, and with whom we can associate. As a result, they are used more in advertising and events than any of the other modeling categories.